For Practices

Freelance GP Chambers provide fast and easy sourcing of local high quality locums and maintains the ability to negotiate rates directly with locums

Freelance GP Chambers is a collective of Locum GPs who work together as a team. We are not an agency. By utilising the free service provided by Freelance GP Chambers, the process of sourcing a reliable and professional Locum is fast and simple, minimising the risk of sourcing Locums directly and removing the high costs of expensive agencies.

Members of Chambers are independent and self-employed GPs with a wide diversity of skills, but the Freelance GP Chambers ethos is above all about providing a service of the very highest quality. We pride ourselves not only on excellence in clinical practice, education and clinical governance but on being accessible, user friendly and team players. We are here to help the practices.

Practices using our free service benefit from:

Real Time Locum Searching and Job Posting

  • Post Locum requirements via our 24/7 real time system, review the profiles of available GPs and potentially have the requirement filled within seconds, by web, iPhone or Android applications.
  • Convenience of a single point of contact to meet your locum needs.
  • Locum rates negotiable, maintaining the current competitive climate.

Simple administration

  • Improved time management- eliminate the time taken to phone/email Locums and Agencies directly - use the technology to find and book a resource immediately.
  • Locums paperwork and employment screening information collated by the Chambers - readily accessible by practices via our website.
  • Meeting the NHS "Quality and Productivity Challenge" with regard to Electronic Document Management. We aim to manage all documents electronically where permitted, making your life easier.
  • Minimise the amount of invoices that are processed by the surgery - reduces administration and accounting effort.
  • Financial statements, invoices, pension forms and reports available 24/7 for your surgery.

Reduce Risk and Cost

  • Reduce costs to your practice - by engaging with the NHS QIPP Process, we are paying particular attention to addressing the increased referrals and prescribing costs incurred when employing a Locum directly. Our members commit to follow local prescribing guidelines wherever possible.
  • Have confidence in our Chambers which provides our members with a supportive working environment within which they engage with a high level of clinical governance and Continuing Professional Development. This is so often lost when a Locum operates independently.
  • Chambers are increasingly recognised as the preferred method of working as a Locum.

By selecting Locums through the Freelance GP Chambers you are receiving peace of mind by knowing that our members education and clinical governance are our number one priority. Our free service to Surgeries reduces your administration and provides you with fast access to a wider Locum resource pool.