For Freelance GPs

Freelance GP Chambers is designed to make your working life as a locum simple and is very relevant to today's clinical practice.

As a Locum GP, you have made the decision to become a freelancer to manage your life and career on your terms. In an environment requiring increasing focus on Continuing Professional Development and Revalidation, working in a Chambers gives you the support you need to maintain your professional standing. Work as part of a team, not in isolation. Freelance GP Chambers makes the job searching, administration and education elements of your career simple and efficient, allowing you to spend more time Locuming or enjoying your free time - you make the decisions, we make it easy for you and provide the support you need.

Real Time Job Searching and Acceptance

  • Have first pick of the local Locum jobs via 24/7 real time system, allowing jobs to be posted by the surgeries and accepted by you within seconds - by web, iPhone or Android applications.
  • Work gravitates to Chambers because practices find it's more efficient and easier to use, rather than trying to contact several individual locums.

Simplify your administration

  • Booking, invoicing and pension forms dealt with by the Chambers.
  • Improved time management, providing potential for GPs to earn more money.

Education and Revalidation support

  • Revalidation and appraisal support.
  • Close links with Appraisers.
  • MSF/PSS/SEA/complaints collected, analysed and fed back in a supportive, confidential manner.
  • Regular peer support & Consultant educational meetings tailored to your needs.
  • Engage with local Clinical Commissioning Groups, the NHS QIPP process and GP/Consultant networking events.

Achieve higher professional standing by:

  • Committing to high levels of Clinical Governance, quality assurance, peer support and Continuing Professional Development.
  • Working within a supportive environment - reducing your risk, risk to practices and patients.
  • Engaging with the wider GP workforce, systems and processes.
  • Working within a Chambers, which is increasingly recognised as being the preferred method of working as a Locum


  • Discounted rates for Indemnity Insurance.
  • Further discounts available with other leading medical equipment providers.

Members remain self-employed and our NHS income remains superannuable.

Membership has its benefits. All of this is provided to you with a low membership fee, easily recouped by the additional time made available to you through your membership. No membership fee until Q2 2013. We are here to provide the support you need in a demanding work environment.